Festival Classique has gained a prominent position in the Netherlands, in the world of classical music and in the city of The Hague. Every year our concerts, shows and workshops reach a larger audience. We are very proud of this and we would like to organize the festival for many years to come. This is a challenging goal which we cannot accomplish without the support of visitors and businesses.

Five reasons to support Festival Classique:
1. Festival Classique is a musical festival that tickles áll the senses: come and see, hear, feel and experience it yourself!
2. Festival Classique sparkles and unites and inspires people.
3. Festival Classique is a versatile festival with an audience ranging from young to old, amateur musicians and top talents, classical music specialists and culture lovers. We have free concerts and activities at the Festival Square and paid concerts, inside and outside but always on special locations.
4. A unique festival such as Festival Classique cannot exist without the help of our fans, visitors, companies and business partners.
5. Together with you we can secure the future of the festival and of classical music.

Three ways to support the festival:
1. Become a friend of the festival
2. Adopt a pontoon
3. Make a donation

In every way you’ll help make the most brightful and fun festival of The Netherlands possible!

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